Leadership learnings from Leadercast 2010

I’m attending Leadercast today. Below are some key learnings – quotes and paraphrases – I’ll update this throughout the day.

• Did your parents teach you core values of respect, hard work & selflessness? Remember – they are not just values for kids but for all of us!

• In some ways we are all “on-stage” all of the time. We will be most noticed when we are tired, angry, jealous or stressed. How we behave at those times will play a significant part in how others define us.

• If you grow your business beyond the point where you have the right people in key positions it will fail.

• Leaders preserve and remain true to core values while stimulating progress.

• Attention to detail has no value unless you take time to zoom out and see the big picture.

• A to-do list is important. A “stop-doing” list is way more important.

• Stop assigning titles, start assigning responsibilities and authority.

• Remember that it’s called “leadership” not “controllership”.

• Resell people on their own value

• Struggle and failure are early signs of success – for those that let setbacks shape them positively.

• Be a shaper of stories, not just an opener of doors

• Don’t focus just on problems and “issues”. Look for the bright spots – what’s working; can we do more of it.

• Political correctness is one of the most destructive forces in the world today. We live in a country founded by people who fought against regimes that told them what they could say, told them what they should think. Political correctness is bringing that in again through the back door.
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