Accessibility & manageability key for FH&P Lawyers

Website redevelopment is often central to our clients requirements. In the last few years there have been significant changes in the way people access the internet and significant advances in the technologies used to build and manage websites.

An example of this is screen size. Just 3 years ago over 60% of web traffic was from desktop screens with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels or less. Today that figure is less than 20%. Websites are also increasingly being accessed from mobile devices, so compatibility with those devices is becoming more and more important.

A further example is the use of open-source technologies to build and manage websites. At rtStrategy we are familiar with many of these systems, and understand their strengths, weaknesses and relevance to a client’s needs. These systems offer methods of producing custom or template-driven sites with various levels of supporting functionality.

These accessibility and manageability factors were key in the development of a new website for FH&P Lawyers (at Driven by the Concrete5 content management system, and optimized for larger screen sizes while still being viewable on mobile devices, we believe the site is a great example of how sites can be efficiently redeveloped to be a keystone in integrated marketing programs.

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