Fall Update 2013 – Bye Bye rt Strategy, Hello Hiilite!

2013 has been our busiest year to date! So much so that we have hardly updated our site in the last 18 months.

That gets us a big slap on the wrist from ourselves. We’re always telling clients that they need to keep their websites fresh. And here we are breaking our own rules.

We’ve been delighted to work with both long-term and new clients on a range of initiatives over the last year +. Highlights have included:

  • Launching the new Empowerific branding and initiative for the Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society and working with them on community management through its initial period.
  • Rebranding (and renaming) Kamloops Innovation Centre – now simply Kamloops Innovation.
  • Working with BCIC on program branding, web design, advertising and signage design.
  • Developing and launching the Northern Youth brand and website
  • Providing the conference soundtrack and video sting for The Canadian Cloud Council’s Cloud Matters event.
  • Developing the Now What campaign for Kelowna Women’s Shelter and partners
  • Producing the Metabridge 2013 video (link coming soon!)
  • Updating branding and producing the new website for Plan B Headquarters
  • Producing the Yoga Warehouse community web site
  • Developing numerous websites for property developers including the Glenvalley website for Landlinks Developments
  • Continuing our great working relationship with Women’s Enterprise Centre – including redesigning their learning guide series
  • Launching the new website for Architecturally Distinct Solutions

That having been said, rt Strategy will shortly be no more.

As we plan for the future and look forward to celebrating 5 years of rt Strategy next year (and 10 years in business altogether having initially incorporated back in 2004) – a change is due.

We have grown beyond the one-man (“rt”) marketing consultancy we originally set out to be. We don’t just plan (“Strategy”), we also execute. A name change was becoming necessary to reflect both who we are now – and where we intend to go.

Further, as our plans include bringing additional partners in to the business, and partnering on some joint ventures, a new legal structure was required.

As such rt Strategy Inc. is shifting modes to be a behind-the-scenes holding company.

In our place, we are happy to announce the launch of  Hiilite™.

Hiilite will shortly be picking up where rt Strategy is signing off, but with some changes.

First up is the appointment of a new Studio Manager effective November 18th.

Second is a shift in services. We already offer in-house graphic design and web design services, but will now be offering more in the way of content production and online marketing – including writing services, video production services and SEO. We will also be planning & delivering events and managing PR & communications.

Third is a shift to more campaign based work (as well as continuing the branding work rt Strategy was famous for).

Finally, we are introducing a minimum level of engagement with the simple aim of servicing our clients better, by working in more depth with a smaller  number of super-special clients.

More than a re-brand, the transition to becoming Hiilite represents a significant shift for the business – new structure, new services, new discipline and some ambitious growth plans.

rt Strategy has been a journey… now on to the next one!

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