rt Strategy has transformed. In our place, we bring you Hiilite!

Originally incorporated back in 2004, rt Strategy consistently delivered results for clients.

The company helped them win awards in branding, advertising, web design, sales environment design & direct marketing.

More recently rt Strategy contributed to the resurgence of BC’s technology sector through our work with the BC Innovation Council & its regional partners. All while serving many local businesses, non-profits & entrepreneurs and contributing to our local community through sponsorships and board involvement.

The company however evolved to the point where a rethink was required.

With new team members joining and a new growth strategy being implemented, a name tied to an individual (rt) was no longer appropriate. And while careful thought still imbued everything we did, rt Strategy became a company that was as much about creative execution as research & planning. A company where the deliverables we designed and produced in our studio trumped what we talked about in meetings & phone calls. A company that knew our actions spoke louder than our words.

And so, effective today, rt Strategy is no more.

In its place, we are happy to introduce Hiilite™.

With Hiilite you’ll find a creative group that talks straight about branding & marketing; that offers services in four easy-to-understand categories; a company that has created convenient, customizable service packages such as our Minimum Viable Branding package for startups and our Safe Hands 6-month retainer package for top-to-bottom brand development with cost-assurance; a studio that designs digital & traditional media, produces video & live events and understands the role of social and mobile media in today’s communications mix.

So while it’s goodbye from rt Strategy, it’s Hii! from Hiilite.

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