Case Studies

rt Strategy is the world’s first and only Brand Transformation Agency™. So while we enjoy taking on individual projects to build websites, produce annual reports, manage media & community events etc, we believe we shine the brightest when working on full brand development and re-development programs.

The case studies you will find here show the depth and versatility of our services as well as the thought that goes in to brand creation and transformation.

Brand Transformation for the Okanagan Technology Community

In Transforming a Community we take a look at our work with Accelerate Okanagan since being appointed their agency of record in 2011. This includes a full brand transformation and dozens of roll-outs.

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Individual Brands for Consultants, Leaders & Innovators

In the Heart of the Individual our work with three individuals – Shannan Schimmelmann, Bernard Schilles and Nick Kellet -  to create personal and hybrid brands is explored.

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Bringing a New Spirit Bear to Life

In Branding the Spirit of BC we get a little boozy and tell the story of how rt Strategy lead a collaborative team in the development of a premium liquor brand for Kelowna’s first distillery.

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